In a world where it seems like everyone is a photographer it is important to know you have found the right experienced professional photographer for your project.

The creative representation firm, The Rosh Group,inc. represents top talent offering the photographic imagery and service you expect.

The history of The Rosh Group, Inc.

Founder of The Rosh Group Inc, Rosh Sillars, has been an active member of the Detroit photography community since 1987. He was trained and worked as both a staff and freelance photojournalist.  In 1993 he joined a top automotive studio to learn the business side of photography as an assistant photographic representative.

In 1996 Rosh recruited top Detroit photography talent to form The Rosh Group, Inc. Current member Andy Greenwell is one of the original members providing quality imagery to our wide variety of clients.

April Pochmara was a client of the Rosh Group.  Impressed with the team she joined the creative firm eventually becoming our senior creative representative.

Eventually, Rosh graduated to magazine work and in 2005 establishing himself as a serious commercial photographer joining Octane Photographic Studios. The Rosh Group, Inc moved to Octane photographic studios in 2011. In 2009 Octane Photographic co-founder Jeff White joined the Rosh Group as a represented photographer.

The Rosh Group, Inc represents and network of photographers offering almost every discipline of photography. They work for agencies, marketing firms and directly client for local, regional and national accounts.

For more information or a quote please contact senior representative April Pochmara – email april@rosh.com